Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Reading

For something new this weekend, check out THE HIDDEN MAN by David Ellis. He's a Chicago author and a newer member of The Outfit Collective. THE HIDDEN MAN is the first in a series featuring attorney Jason Kolarich and has already received much critical acclaim. Also, be on the lookout for Ellis's signings in next week's Must-See Monday.

Another new release is TOWER by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrell Coleman. When you combine two noir masters with cult followings, the product is nothing short of brilliant.

After watching the first season of True Blood all week, I'm feeling compelled to go back and re-read some Charlaine Harris. If you like the show but haven't read the books, pick up DEAD UNTIL DARK and LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS to see where the hit HBO series got its start.

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