Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Reading

In honor of the holiday weekend, this week's selections are dedicated to the working man, specifically, police officers. Here are a few of my books featuring my favorite overworked and underpaid detectives.

One of the most famous fictional detectives is Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch. There are a lot of great books featuring the LA detective, but my two favorites are THE LAST COYOTE and THE NARROWS.

Kate Gillespie is Robin Burcell's hard working San Francisco Police Officer. With this series, start at the beginning with COLD CASE. Three more follow.

Another favorite series detective is Brian Freeman's Jonathan Stride. Often teamed up with female counterpart Serena Dial, Stride is a compelling character who throws himself head-first into every investigation. IMMORAL is the first in the series, followed by STRIPPED, STALKED, and IN THE DARK.

For a non-series detective, and one of my top ten favorite books, check out CLOCKERS by Richard Price. Rocco Klein is the definition of overworked and underpaid, and is one bad shift away from burnout. At times you hate him, others you feel sorry for him, changes scene by scene. But his character has depth and is extremely well written, which is compelling no matter how you feel about the guy.

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