Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Places to Write in Chicago
  1. Book Cellar in Lincoln Square - they serve wine and you're surrounded by books
  2. Cafe Ennui in Rogers Park - funky cafe with outdoor cafe serves up inspiration with their beverages
  3. Coffee Studio in Andersonville - free Wi-Fi and is popular with many Chicago writers
  4. Harold Washington Library in the Loop - especially convenient if you need to research as you write
  5. Metropolis in Edgewater - free Wi-Fi and they serve food if you're going to be there a while
  6. Millennium Park in the Loop - plenty of benches and grassy knolls to sit away from the tourists
  7. Promontory Point in Hyde Park - peaceful scenery along the lake is perfect to channel your muse
  8. Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Park - friendly staff and quiet atmosphere when there isn't a Cubs game
  9. Sheffield's in Lakeview - beautiful outdoor beer garden and a great selection of food/beverages, also quiet when there isn't a Cubs game
  10. Starbucks at North and Wells - open 24 hours for all you night owls

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Quinn said...

I did a lot of writing over the last few years in the upstairs cafe of the Borders on Michigan Avenue. You get a nice view of people on the street from there, and the Water Tower looks beautiful when it snows. Now it's closing, which is a real shame because I'd always hoped to one day do a reading and book signing in that very store, so I could point out that I'd written much of my first novel only a few yards away. O cruel economy!