Thursday, July 09, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

Top Ten Items Writers Can't Live Without
  1. Books - both for research and for inspiration
  2. Booze - how else do you reward yourself after hitting your daily word count?
  3. Coffee - caffeine and creativity are obviously related
  4. Computer - not just for writing but for distracting ourselves with YouTube and Facebook
  5. Hobbies - we all need something to get us away from the computer. H0bbies can also be the source of inspiration
  6. Libraries - for the books and the resources, but also for the readers there
  7. Munchies - can't write on an empty stomach!
  8. Notebooks - especially the ones that fit right in your pocket
  9. Reassurance - in an industry full of rejection, we often need pep talks
  10. Workshops or Writing Groups - for the camaraderie and the feedback

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