Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekend Reading - Mass Market edition

The holidays mean traveling, which means airplane reading. No one likes to carry a huge hardcover on a plane, so mass market paperbacks are the perfect travel companion. Here are a few of my favorites:

Just out in paperback is Steven M. Forman's BOCA KNIGHTS. The first in a series, this debut novel features Eddie Perlmutter, a Jewish detective in Boston whose arthritic knees can't take the New England cold anymore. He retires down to Boca Raton, looking forward to a life of golf and sunbathing, but even paradise is not without its crime. It's a hilarious, fun read that, after dealing with security and airport hassles, is guaranteed to put the smile back on your face.

Another recent paperback release is THE DARKNESS by Jason Pinter. Selected for Indie's Next List, the fifth installment of the Henry Parker series opens with young man found murdered, his bones crushed nearly to dust before his body had been dumped in New York's East River. The suspenseful follow up to THE FURY will keep you hooked from take off to landing.

For another nail-biter, pick up Rebecca Drake's THE DEAD PLACE. This psychological thriller chronicles a serial killer who preys on college students in a small university town. As I said in my review of her first novel, DON'T BE AFRAID, don't let the soccer mom exterior fool you, Drake's writing is dark, twisted, and never lets up.

If you prefer pulp fiction for your holiday travels, pick up any of the mass markets published by Hard Case Crime. A few recent releases include THE CORPSE WORE PASTIES, QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE, and THE VALLEY OF FEAR.

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