Friday, May 01, 2009

Weekend Reading

There is no doubt what I'm reading this weekend if I can get my hands on it, and that's Joe Meno's latest novel THE GREAT PERHAPS. It wasn't scheduled to come out until 5/11, but Amazon, Indie Bound, and B&N all seem to have it in stock. His new book tells the story of the Casper family, husband and wife scientists with two daughters living in Chicago. Though I haven't read his latest, I have read everything else this man has ever written, and exploring human relationships and human nature with great insight and a dash of humor is what Meno does best.

May looks like it's going to be a hot month for crime fiction: Jamie Freveletti, Andrew Grant, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Ken Bruen and John Hart all have novels coming out. While you wait, check out their previous books, and if the author writes series, try to catch up!

Also, today has been declared Buy Indie Day. Head out to your local indepnedent bookstore and buy a book!

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Darwyn said...

FYI - I saw Meno's book at Unabridged a few days ago.