Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Reading

Need a dose of Chicago crime fiction? Check out Kris Nelscott's DAYS OF RAGE, featuring Smokey Dalton, an off-the-books building inspector turned P.I. when he discovers human remains in one of his buildings. Set in late sixties Chicago, Nelscott expertly weaves truth and fiction, using the historical context to further the story.

Craving something different? Pick up THE BOY DETECTIVE FAILS by Joe Meno. His beautiful and unique writing style steps outside the boundaries of conventional fiction. A great mix of dark prose, magical realism, and a small dash of humor, this novel is unlike any other.

Feel like revisiting a classic? Dig out your old copy of Upton Sinclair's THE JUNGLE, an honest, gritty novel about the stockyards on Chicago's south side.

Want something new? James Grippando's latest novel, INTENT TO KILL, hits bookstores next week. Protagonist Ryan James, a minor league baseball player one game away from the majors, tragically loses his wife in a car accident. But years later, he discovers that his wife's death wasn't an accident, and he is determined to find the truth. A very basic premise, but the characters add great depth to the simple story.

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