Friday, April 17, 2009

New Skin, New Format

When I first started this blog, there wasn't a true focus. I knew I wanted to blog about writing, publishing, and reviewing, but really the posts were whatever I was thinking about that week. After two and a half years of musing, I've decided it's time to focus the content.

This is The Chicago Contingent, and therefore posts will have a predominantly Chicago slant. I also want more structure, and therefore, will blog three times a week on the following subjects:
  • Must-See Mondays. This will be a listing of signings, readings, and other literary events going on that week. Hopefully this will encourage people to get more involved in the literary community and increase readership.
  • Writer's Block Wednesdays. Because I still love talking about the craft of writing, every Wednesday I will blog about reading and writing. I also may use this day to conduct Q&A's with authors and other industry people.
  • Weekend Reading. Every Friday I will recommend one or two books to read over the weekend. I will continue to promote Chicago writers here, and the books I recommend won't necessarily be new releases. This will simply be an attempt to answer that nagging question, "Which book should I read next?"

Hopefully this new format will do more for the literary community, especially in Chicago. I also encourage people to submit event listings for MUST-SEE MONDAYS or recommendations for WEEKEND READING.

Thank you and I hope everyone enjoys the new Chicago Contingent!

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