Monday, October 02, 2006

Finally on Blogspot

Hello everyone!

I've finally gotten a blog, but it may take a while to get all my links in order. Be patient and stay tuned, much more to come!


Rebecca Drake said...

Hi Dana!

So excited you're blogging and I can pester you daily.

Thanks for linking to me and that other great author, Marcus Sakey. In addition to a marvelous turn of phrase, he's blessed with a marvelous head of hair.

The first thing you should blog about is what on earth you're eating in that picture?!

Rob said...

Hey, Dana! Just what I need, another blog to keep me distracted from writing. I think I'll have to lower my daily word-count goal again. If I write two words a day, how long will it take me to finish the novel? (What's that smell? Oh, it's my brain melting.)

Nice title, by the way. Rebecca should be proud.

Finally, who the heck is this Marcus Sakey guy? Any relation to Markusaki?