Tuesday, October 03, 2006


After a long Bouchercon weekend, I'm finally settling back into the routine: much more writing, much less drinking. To all of you who were there, I had a wonderful time. And if you weren't, here are the highlights you missed:
  • The "Pacing my ass!" panel with Gail Lynds and Rebecca Drake, moderated by Jeff Abbott. It was really informative, interesting, and of course, entertaining, proving once again that it's not the title of the panel, but who is on it.
  • The St. Martin's party which took place at a converted church. A weird place to open a bar, but fun to drink under the stained glass Virgin Mary depictions.
  • The limo bus which drove us back to the hotel from the St. Martin's party. Picture a limo, then double the size and stick about 30 authors in it. A new way send authors on book tours?
  • The Anthony Awards where Crimespree won for best fan publication. Jon and Ruth truly deserved it.

And, the #1 moment you wish you were there for:

  • Author Marcus Sakey and marketing guy Matt Baldacci jumping into the freezing lake in nothing but their boxer briefs. Stay tuned for photos; we took a lot!

Unfortunately, I didn't have my own camera this weekend, but Tasha was kind enough to send one of me and future bestselling author Darwyn Jones

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Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

I want to know how you stayed so cheerful and awake all four days....