Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Reading

This weekend, I'm diving head first into the stack of books I took home from this year's Bouchercon. My list includes:

DEAD MEN'S DUST by, Matt Hilton. This debut novel had been on my reading list for quite a while, since it released in June. The protagonist, Joe Hunter, is reminiscent of Jack Reacher: a former military operative and ex-CIA agent who gets the job done. When his estranged brother has disappeared because he stole from the wrong man, it's up to Hunter to find him.

BOULEVARD by, Steven Jay Schwartz. This I managed to read when it first came out, but if you haven't, definitely pick it up this weekend. Protagonist, Hayden Glass, is a robbery and homicide detective in LA. He's also a sex addict. And when a string of murders, executed by a sadistic, sexual killer, his two worlds collide.

I'm not familiar with her work, but I also snagged EVIL WITHOUT A FACE by, Jordan Dane. This book is the start of her new series featuring bounty hunter, Jessica Beckett. She's on the hunt for an online predator who's abducted a teenage girl, but soon realizes, she's nothing but a pawn in a terrifying global conspiracy.

Lastly, the book that was on everyone's lips this Bouchercon, is DOUBLE EXPOSURE by Michael Lister. For most, it was the Michael Connelly recommendation that had everyone rushing to pick up this book. For me, it was the back cover. I'll let it speak for itself:

Following his dad’s death, Remington James returns to the small North
Florida town where he grew up to assume his father’s life—taking care of his
dying mother and running the local gun and pawn shop.One fateful fall evening,
as the sun sinks and the darkness expands, Remington ventures deep into the
river swamp to try out some new equipment and check his camera traps.
Encountering the kind of wildlife that made him want to be a photographer in the
first place, Remington gets some of the best shots of his life, but he’s about
to happen upon the most dangerous animal of all—a feral, patient, sociopath who
wants Remington dead.

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