Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Reading (and viewing)

The cold and the wind continue here in Chicago, perfect weather for renting movies. So here are a few books to check out before viewing their film counterparts:

One of my favorite books is Mystic River by Dennis Lehane and Clint Eastwood did a great job adapting the book for screen. Both are beautifully told and portray haunted, gripping characters.

For more great characters, check out Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis. In this case, I actually enjoyed the film more than the book, but both are told in very interesting ways.

Another great book/film is Jarhead by Anthony Swofford, a memoir about one Marine's experience in the gulf war. The film is a bit different than the book, but both are wonderfully told.

Lastly, I have to mention both Chuck Palahniuk books that have been made into films: Fight Club and Choke. Both books are great, I liked Choke the book a little better, but Fight Club is by far, the better adaptation.

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