Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Things Every Writer Should Be Thankful For:

  • Coffee, Red Bull, and all those lovely, caffeinated liquids that keep us plugging away at the keyboards
  • Wikipidia, for making research that much easier (and more fun too!)
  • Backspace, Crimespace, Myspace and Facebook, for connecting writers from all over the country and giving them another outlet for procrastinating
  • Critique groups, for reading our work, supplying helpful feedback and providing deadlines.
  • Sarah Weinman, for summarizing every blog, interview, article, and review so we don't have to sift through them ourselves.
  • Publisher's Marketplace for keeping us up-to-date on deals, industry news and who's who in publishing.
  • Our friends, family and significant others, for reassuring us that our work is good (even when it isn't) and for putting up with our neurotic, borderline OCD behavior.
  • For our computers. Even though they sometimes freeze, crash or go crazy, they're still better than typewriters.
  • And finally, to all the brilliant authors who serve as inspiration, the agents who work their butts off to get us the best deals, and the editors for committing themselves to our work and sometimes taking a chance on us. We thank you.

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