Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Less

My apologies for the lack of posting, but it has been a bittersweet week. First, Nicole and I moved into our first home together and between no Internet, unpacking, and dealing with the developer, cable guys, and insurance people, it's been difficult to find time to blog.

On another note, Chicago Contingent member and dear friend Frank Crist, passed away last week. It was sudden and unexpected and it hasn't truly sunk in yet. Our new place is just around the corner from his and I couldn't wait to be neighbors. He was a great writer and a great friend and he will be truly missed.

Sin, the Chicago Contingent anthology to be published by Avendia in June 2008, will be dedicated to Frank and Reservoir Magazine is accepting tributes to be published this week.


Quinn said...

I can't believe it - this is the first I'd heard. Frank was a remarkably easy person to get along with and I was hoping I'd get to know him better. I'm really stunned. I hope you and everyone else who knew him are doing OK.

Viki said...

It's just too sad. I'm in a disbelief phase right now--I keep expecting him to return my last email.

And, congrats on the new place, Dana.