Monday, July 16, 2007

News and Updates

Still not fully recovered from Thriller Fest, so I'll keep my recap brief. All in all, it was a successful conference. I met a lot of interesting people, got to catch up with old friends, went out for some delicious meals and even more delicious drinks. I wished the atmosphere was a little more intimate and a little more centralized, but I still had a pretty good time and managed to take a couple pictures:

Author Rebecca Drake at her signing. Who's that handsome fan?

Sean Chercover and Marcus Sakey in a rare moment: when they don't have drinks in their hands

Me and Chicago Contingent member, Jamie Freveletti at Hudson's Bar and Books. Great drinks and great cigars...what more do you need?

Sean, Marcus, Tasha Alexander and Jamie Lavish at the cigar bar

And to make the trip even better, two great things were waiting for me when I got home. First was the second edition of my podcast on The Future is Bleak. The second was my new Sun Times article featuring Chicago author, Renee Rosen.

Still want to know more about Thriller Fest? Ask Sarah Weinman, Dave White, David Montgomery, or Robert Gregory Brown.

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