Sunday, May 06, 2007

Requested Retraction

On behalf of my girlfriend, Nicole, I would like to print a retraction for my post Switching Teams. She says:

"I think you got it a little wrong. I am a VERY loyal reader. I still bought Chabon's book. I still intend to read it. Just b/c I am not happy with his move to the 'other side' as you put it, does not mean I would abandon him!!!! "

She also expressed concern that Michael Chabon would read my blog and think that she was a total bitch. So Chabon, if you're out there, Nicole is not a bitch and is truly your number one fan. In fact, she's taking off work so she can come see you when you appear in Chicago.

And I'm also sure she would like me to say that any author would be lucky to have her as a reader. If you're her favorite author (and she has many) not only will she read every book you've ever written, but even if she doesn't like a few, she'll still pretend that she enjoyed it.

Anything else, honey?

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